Here are 3 must read strories from the week to catch up the mobile-social gaming market.
  • Games from Mobage Rising Up in the U.S. Google Play
  • Japanese Developers are Testing in the Canadian Market
  • Gree's Eiji Araki says Advanced Social Features make Their Game Profitable

Games from Mobage Rising Up in the U.S. Google Play

Apps from Mobage are stepping up their presence in the U.S. Goolge Play. Now 4 games are ranking in the top 20 grossing apps. 
1. Rage of Bahamut
9. Blood Brothers
11. Diety Wars
18. Ninja Royal
Especially Blood Brothers is the one to watch. From its release in April it has constantly increased its users and sales, entered the top 10 chart this week. It's note worthy that, unlike Rage of Bahamut, the game isn't a localize from Japan. Mobage's eyes are on North America and Blood Brothers prooves their ability to create hit titles.
(Data from App Annie)

Canada is being a Test Market for Japanese Developers

Social game developers from Japan are releasing their apps in Canada for a market test. By looking the players reaction, they tune up and make ready for the release in the U.S. market. There are currently 4 apps that are in this stage.Gree's Zombie Jombie, which ranked 4th in the top grossing chart, used this model. There CFO Mr. Aoyagi says they tested the game by releasing it in Canada and Australia before U.S. Now other developers from Japan are following this model seeking success in the U.S. market. 
Japanese developers aim at Canadian App Store (JAPANESE_VW)
How One Country's App Market Can Be Another Country's Mulligan (Tech In Asia)

Gree's Eiji Araki says advanced social features make their game profitable

Inside Mobile Apps reported an interview with Gree's senior vice president, Eiji Araki. Mr. Araki metions that Gree's game Zombie Jombie has much better monetization, 8- 10 times of the average of games in the U.S. market games. "Japanese mobile-social games are much more advanced in integrating social features. Not just gifting or adding friends but competing or cooperating to achieve a common goal." he says. This encourages the game play and accounts for the monetization.
Japanese developers are coming to the U.S. market, we might see more Japanese mobile-social games ranking in the coming months.
GREE's Eiji Araki on monetization, Japanese vs. Western players, and what makes a successful social game (Inside Mobile Apps)

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