Here are 3 must read strories from the week to catch up the mobile-social gaming market. 
  • Apple’s WWDC: Two Big Changes for App Developers 
  • Zynga to Import Two Japanese Mobile Games from Its Division 
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Apple’s WWDC: Two Big Changes for App Developers Must Know

The theory to succeed in the Appstore, what is sometimes called App Store Optimization, might need a huge change after the release of the upcoming iOS6. There are two major changes in the store app.
  • Genius button replaces Categories
  • Facebook Like button integration
Getting ranked on the chart was almost everything to increase the number of users. From iOS6, rating and recomendation will take on increasing importance. Facebook 'Like' will be a major concern for app developers than ever before.
With New iOS 6 App Store, The Most Important Changes Are Under The Hood (TechCrunch)

Zynga to Import Two Japanese Mobile Games from Its Division

Zynga launched their mobile social game Montopia and revealed Ayakashi: Ghost Guild this week. Both games were developed by their Japan division and released in Japan earlier this year. They had big success in the Japanese market, both ranked 5th on top-grossing Android games.Both are social-card-battle games, the immensely popular genre in Japan, with motif Japanese. The characters in Montopia are Pokemon-ish and Ayakashi uses yokai, legendary folk creatures in Japan.
They seem to be tuned for Japan it's interesting to see how the social game giant will localize (maybe globalize) it.

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