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DeNA is increasing its presence worldwide by bringing another hit maker from Japan. Today, the company announced a comprehensive business alliance with gloops, a Japan-based social application developer, for its international expansion.
from the left: Shinsuke Kawabata (gloops CEO) and Isao Moriyasu (DeNA CEO)

The two companies had a press conference at Tokyo Game Show and Shinsuke Kawakata, gloops CEO, showed that their sales increased 6 times in the past year; from $51 million in 2011 Q2 to $303 million in 2012 Q2. gloops is famous for making mobile-social games using real-time battle systems, which players gain advantage logging in together in a certain time.

The release says:
Under the agreement, gloops plans to provide five titles in 2012 and another five in 2013 to the Mobage network mainly targeted for North America and Europe, including one game based on a popular American franchise. The company also plans to launch one title on Mobage’s networks in China and South Korea. 

Will these titles follow the success of Rage of Bahamut, which is a hit title DeNA brougth from Japan? Let's see wether they can make another hit.

gloops at Tokyo Game Show 2012

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