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Konami Digital Entertainment held one of the largest booths at Tokyo Game Show 2012 and showed a new feature for their exclusively popular social-card-battle game Dragon Collection. In Japan, Dragon Collection is a pioneer in this genre and over 6.5 million people have played. And now the game is expanding in arcade games.
Konami's booth was largely featuring Dragon Collection with its character coming in front.


And their main contents was a Dragon Collection arcade game.


The game was a card battle, more simple and good-paced than the mobile one, and I felt quite exciting playing it. After the game play, you can get a card with a QR code to get tresures and cards in your mobile game data.


Konami showed a way social-card-battle games can diversify into other forms, and I'm looking forward to see other developers show their original expansion.

Konami Tokyo Game SHow 2012 [Ja]

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