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One of the most featured mobile games inTokyo Game Show 2012 was Metal Gear Solid Social Ops (MGS SOP) from Konami. This title is a social-card-battle game, going to be released on GREE. A playable build was showed at the game show and was quite popular.

MGS SOP shows rich 3D graphics built by the unity engine.


Its game play is the ordinary simple social-card-battle, like Rage of Bahamut. This seems a bit weird because the rich graphic makes you expect a more consumer like gaming play such as a shooting-action game.

Toshiro Tsuchida from GREE talked about this in a session at the game show. He said:
"Rich graphics are not always a good thing because sometimes it kills speed. Stressless game play is what we are putting emphasis on. It's Impotant to have balance between them. In MGS SOP, rich graphic was needed to make players feel that they are playing  'Metal Gear Solid'. Because MGS is such a big game series, we stuck to express the view of the world."

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops is one answer Gree showed on social games in the smartphone era with rich graphics and simple game system.

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