Here are 3 must read stories this week to catch up the mobile-social gaming market.
  • Spotlights on Mobile at Tokyo Game Show
  • Amazon deals with Device Fragmentation with a New Feature
  • Google Play hits 25 billion downloads

Spotlights on Mobile at Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show was held last week and the spotlight was on mobile games. Tech in Asia reported that the top 3 platforms distributing games were smartphones, featurephones and tablets. It can't be compared simply, since mobile games don't need much space and are easy to show, but this number still has an impact. Players in the Japanese mobile game market are already big and they are tapping into the global market.
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Amazon deals with Device Fragmentation with a New Feature

Amazon introduced a new ‘Device Targeting’ feature to their Appstore for Android, which makes developers work through the fragmentation problem. With this new feature, developers can offer different APKs for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7”, Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, and other Android devices through the Amazon’s Appstore for Android. This can make the users more satisfied with their app experience and their ratings higher. Since the ratings are impotant to success in Android (see this article), this is quite appealing to app developers.

Google Play hits 25 billion downloads

Google announced that their app store Google Play hit 25 bilion downloads. Now they have more than 675,000 apps on the store and over 800 new apps are released everyday. Seeing the graph from Inside Mobile Apps, it seems quite obvious that it will exceed the Apple’s App Store in the near future. Google Play is said to have a problem in the quality of apps. It is reported that Google is tighting up its app policy and interesting to see how it works.

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