, a Japan-based social game developer, released "Warriors of Odin (Goolge Play)" worldwide. gloops had some big news recently, anounced global partnership with DeNA two weeks ago(Related Article), and was acquired by Korea's online gaming giant Nexon this week. The game is available on Android, being their first global title after the partnership anouncement with DeNA, and uses their Mobage network.
"Warriors of Odin" is a global version of the game known as "Odin Battle" in Japan. This game was released in Japan last November and now has over 1.3 million players. The game is a social-card-battle one, the most popular mobile game genre in Japan. Its core feature is the "real-time-battle system". Time limited team battle events are held four times a day. Players make up guild's and work together to defeat their rival for an hour.


This is the second time for gloops to bring their games overseas. They released Legend Cards (Google Play Official Site) in English-speaking countries last June but didn't have a big impact, never ranked in the top 100 of the grossing chart until now.  This is their second challenge to be one of the main players in the global mobile gaming market.

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