Rage of Bahamut, the Japan-made(*) hit title in the U.S., comes to China. The Android version has been released and the iOS one is comming. It uses Mobage China, the social-gaming network DeNA is providing. Recently, DeNA is aggressively breaking into the Chinese Android market. We'll give you a few points about their strategy in the Chinese market.

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When looking at the smartphone market in China, Android has the highest share and is still growing strongly. IDC predicts China will top the world in the number of smartphone sales in 2012, with over 100 million devices. 

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The Chinese market is huge but has some problems when thinking about monetization. One big problem is the app market fragmentation. The official Google Play store doesn't have much power in China. Instead a large number of apps are downloaded via third-party appstores. There are over 400 Android app stores, and it is imporant to reach users effectively through major appstore alternatives.


DeNA is aggresively appearing in those third-party stores, annoucing partnership with big players in China this year. Here are some examples.
  • Baidu: the search giant in China
  • Sina: operating Sina Weibo, the Twitter alternative in China
  • China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom: 3 major telecom companies
  • Renren: the company operating Renren Network, the Chinese remake of Facebook
  • Huawei: provider of smartphones and other mobile devices

DeNA has released more than 60 games in the Chinese market and now has over 5 million Mobage users. It seems the Mobage China is put into place. The release of Rage of Bahamut in China will have a big impact, expected to be a big hit.

*Rage of Bahamut is made by Cygames, a social-game developer under Cyber Agent.

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