Rage of Bahamut hits China: DeNA strategy to thrive


Rage of Bahamut, the Japan-made(*) hit title in the U.S., comes to China. The Android version has been released and the iOS one is comming. It uses Mobage China, the social-gaming network DeNA is providing. Recently, DeNA is aggressively breaking into the Chinese Android market. We'll give you a few points about their strategy in the Chinese market.

RoB_China(via Cygames)

gloops Released their Japanese Hit Title Globally


, a Japan-based social game developer, released "Warriors of Odin (Goolge Play)" worldwide. gloops had some big news recently, anounced global partnership with DeNA two weeks ago(Related Article), and was acquired by Korea's online gaming giant Nexon this week. The game is available on Android, being their first global title after the partnership anouncement with DeNA, and uses their Mobage network.

[TGS 2012] DeNA brings the next Rage of Bahamut prospective


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DeNA is increasing its presence worldwide by bringing another hit maker from Japan. Today, the company announced a comprehensive business alliance with gloops, a Japan-based social application developer, for its international expansion.