[Interview] EA: making a Big Hit on GREE


Last November, Electronic Arts released their title FIFA World Class Soccer on GREE, garnering the top rank in popularity and a host of the GREE Platform Award. At Playfish Japan, EA’s department that co-developed the World Class Soccer title, we spoke with Mr. Satoyoshi and Mr. Nakata to get the inside story on the development of their mobile gaming hit.
Mr. Satayoshi and Mr. Nakata from EA

[Interview] Gameloft: Launching Social Card Battle Game Globally through GREE Platform


Gameloft, most known by developing games for smartphones and tablets, released Gang Domination this June. It was rolled out simultaneously worldwide using GREE Platform. We spoke to Gameloft's Mr. Fujikawa at Tokyo Game Show about their game development.


[Interview] GREE's Global Game Development [TGS 2012]


GREE is now releasing a number of games oversea, some titles are brought from Japan and others are made by their local studio. We spoke to Mr. Shimomura, Director of GREE’s Japan studio, about their game development strategy.


[Interview] GREE's Global Expansion: Appealing Worldwide [TGS 2012]


Starting with its exhibit at last September's Tokyo Game Show, GREE has frequently appeared in game events over the last year, including E3, gamescom, and ChinaJoy, as well as last week's Tokyo Game Show. We spoke to Mr. Asai, GREE's head of Global Marketing Management Office, about their activities over the last year.



[TGS 2012] Metal Gear Solid Social Ops: Balance between Richness and Speed


sgr-TGS (1)
One of the most featured mobile games inTokyo Game Show 2012 was Metal Gear Solid Social Ops (MGS SOP) from Konami. This title is a social-card-battle game, going to be released on GREE. A playable build was showed at the game show and was quite popular.続きを読む