[TGS 2012] Gree's Drastic Change


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One of the booth recieving most attention in Tokyo Game Show 2012 was Gree's one. They ran one of the largest booths in the show and 32 titles were playable there.続きを読む

[TGS 2012] Mobile Social Games Expanding into Arcade Games


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Konami Digital Entertainment held one of the largest booths at Tokyo Game Show 2012 and showed a new feature for their exclusively popular social-card-battle game Dragon Collection. In Japan, Dragon Collection is a pioneer in this genre and over 6.5 million people have played. And now the game is expanding in arcade games.

Picks of the Week [September 7, 2012]


Here are 3 must read strories from the week to catch up the mobile-social gaming market.
  • Games from Mobage Rising Up in the U.S. Google Play
  • Japanese Developers are Testing in the Canadian Market
  • Gree's Eiji Araki says Advanced Social Features make Their Game Profitable

Japanese Social Gaming: Greatist Hit Titles, Development and Changes


Social game development in Japan is primarily based on two mobile platforms: GREE and Mobage. In this article, we will introduce the development and changes that has taken place in the market with the greatist hit titles.