Developing hit products: An Interview with COLOPL



Soon after COLOPL released “Treasure Detective”, its first mobile social game in January this year, the game found itself solidly situated on the top-grossing ranks. Until now, the company has released three mobile social games, each of which has subsequently become a hit.  In this interview we talked with Iwao Muramatsu, the person responsible for social games at COLOPL, about the company’s game development.続きを読む

Aiming for the Top in Mobile Gaming: A Talk with COLOPL’s Naruatsu Baba


We had an interview with Naruatsu Baba, COLOPL's CEO and posted it on Tech in Asia (Article Link).

COLOPL is a mobile game developer doing well on both Android and iOS. Especially, they are having ahuge success in Android, seen as the No.1 developer in the Japanese Google Play. Mr. Baba told us some interesting pieces about their success and future vision.

Aiming for the Top in Mobile Gaming: A Talk with COLOPL’s Naruatsu Baba [Tech in Asia]

[TGS 2012] Gree's Drastic Change


sgr-TGS (1)
One of the booth recieving most attention in Tokyo Game Show 2012 was Gree's one. They ran one of the largest booths in the show and 32 titles were playable there.続きを読む

Picks of the Week [September 14, 2012]


Here are 3 must read strories from the week to catch up the mobile-social gaming market. 
  • Apple’s WWDC: Two Big Changes for App Developers 
  • Zynga to Import Two Japanese Mobile Games from Its Division 
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Puzzle & Dragons: The Most Profitable Game in Japan


The Japanese App Store is extremely profitable. Dispite only a quarter of iOS devices used in the country, top grossing apps in Japan has not much difference in generating money compared to the U.S (Look at this Article). The most profitable game in Japan is not from Gree nor Mobage.It's Puzzle & Dragons, produced by GungHo Online Entertainment. 
パズドラ0(image via Gungho)